Sheraton Hotel, Cerritos | Cindy & Jason Wedding

Located in the amazing Southern California , Cerritos is this beautiful wedding venue, Sheraton Hotel, in Cerritos. With such a amazing sparkling venue designed for a kind and queen for sure. Cindy & Jason were married at Sheraton Hotel, in Cerritos on a warm amazing May day with family and friends is  more then anyone can ask for! The two are so in love it makes you want to stay all day and night to watch them share there memories! Sheraton Hotel, in Cerritos has fantastic sparking chandlers and a ballroom to die for! The details included Purple flowers and beautiful table settings with elegance and class to die for. A stunning candy buffet for people to enjoy with little cupcakes custom made for your sweet hearts. A stunning wedding dress for Cindy that was more amazing on her then anyone ever seen. I loved photographing her!  The staff at Sheraton Hotel, in Cerritos was exceptional and the food is amazing.  True love indeed and they showcased it playing under the sparkling lights which makes posing there amazing day more easy then ever! Enjoy the beauty of the Sunset in Southern California and watch the sparkles in the room at  Sheraton Hotel, in Cerritos. Congratulations to Cindy & Jason on there marriage. It was such a AMAZING day at the Sheraton Hotel, in Cerritos. Thank you for everything! May your marriage be blessed with joy and happiness for many years.

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