Miramonte Resort & Spa | Kathryn & Bo Wedding 2014

This 11-acre, Mediterranean-inspired upscale resort is the perfect place for two people so in love to share their wedding vows with friends and family! Miramonte Resort & Spa is nothing shy of perfect! Located in the heart of Palm Springs, CA!These two love birds, Kathryn & Bo shared something so special that was matched perfectly with the smell of citrus in the air~ Saying their vows under a tree with the clouds holding off on the special ceremony that makes them husband and wife! Kathryn and Bo chose the Miramonte Resort & Spa for their wedding on a beautiful November day in 2014 where they invited all of their loved family and friends to share their joy together in starting their new chapter in life! Palm Springs is a beautiful place for a wedding, and they couldn’t have chosen a more serene place such as, Miramonte Resort & Spa for their wedding day~ Citrus was the theme, with oranges as their favors to the guests and a fun crowd to dance the night away was just perfect! A sparkler exit is always one of the greatest things to do and at the Miramonte Resort & Spa in Palm Spring, there are no limits on that for sure~ It was such an amazing day to watch these two become one and have the pleasure of capturing the moments between moments while they enjoyed one of the most special days in their lives at the Miramonte Resort & Spa in Palm Springs. Congratulations to Kathryn and Bo! What a spectacular day!


Miramonte Resort & Spa wedding

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