Life Art Center in Riverside | Alicia & Tyler wedding 2014

Located in the beautiful Riverside, CA is the Lift Art Center located in the heart of downtown Riverside! Alicia and Tyler found the Life Art Center in Riverside to be the perfect place for their 20s themed wedding that was laced with white fluffy features, gold plate settings, white drapery from wall to wall and jewels hanging from the ceiling for days! Flapper dresses for the girls?! Yes, please! What a perfect choice for the Life Art Center in Riverside. Alicia wore a blush laced sweetheart dress along with Tyler who wore a beige pin stripped suit with a wool tie to fit his bride perfectly. What more could you ask for then such an amazing place like the Life Art Center in Riverside to say your vows and share your happy tears and laughs together with family and friends. A long time coming for these to fashionable love birds for sure! High school sweethearts sticking together making a wonderful vow to each other. Come by and take a peek at the amazing decor that they selected at the Life Art Center in Riverside and smell the sweet sugar that comes right off the oh so beautiful 20s themed cake and cupcakes! Watch these two fall in love as Alicia slips her forever true loves ring on during the ceremony at the Life Art Center in Riverside and as he sweeps her off her feet with their first kiss! Thank you so much for having me at your special day at the Life Art Center in Riverside. It was such a pleasure and honor to have the privilege to capture not only the love you two share for each other, but also the love you and your whole family share for you! What an amazing  day to remember!


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