Serendipity Garden Wedding Oak Glen Venue


Located in the amazing Southern California mountains is this beautiful wedding venue, Serendipity Garden Wedding , Oak Glen. With such a amazing venue you can’t go wrong with such a great looking couple like them!  They were married at Serendipity Garden Wedding, Oak Glen on a brisk amazing November day with family and friends is more then anyone can ask for! The two were obvious love birds and had the idea of getting married in this outdoor Oak Glen venue, Serendipity Garden Wedding with fantastic views of the mountain side. The details included purple flowers and beautiful table settings with elegance and class to die for. Signature cocktails and sweets for people to enjoy with twisted gold straws for that classic touch. Perfect for , such a classic bride! I loved photographing her! And the groom was so easy to get some great shots of too!The staff at Serendipity Garden Wedding was exceptional and the food is amazing. True love indeed and they showcased it playing in the sunlight and posing for amazing wedding photos as the sunsets on the Oak Glen venue turned out to be something so beyond our expectations that we had to share there beautiful wedding photos on our blog. Enjoy the beauty of the high sun in Southern California and watch the sunset on Serendipity Garden Wedding in Oak Glen. Congratulations to you on your marriage. It was such a AMAZING day in Oak Glen. Thank you for everything!

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